Innovation and
intellectual property rights in biotechnology
Course for PhD-students, industrial biotechnologists and faculty in biotech patenting and entrepreneurship

This course is a collaborative effort of the Facluty SUND and Faculty of Science and offered by the University of Copenhagen and Lund's University.

Venue: Auditorium A2-70.01, Thorvaldsensvej 40. To find the auditorium look here, and to walk from the nearest Metro station, look here.

Time: 30/1-3/2 2017.

Course program is always evolving. Here is the current version .

Course coordinators: John Nielsen and Peter Ulvskov

Course administration: Marianne Wieslander Jørgensen

Before you arrive to-do list.

The course uses computer exercises extensively and the computer is one that you bring. You should make it ready by doing the following:

1) Browse to your home university's library home page and ascertain that you can access Web of Science and also change database to Derwent Innovation Index when you are logged in. You should able to that when you are off campus (unless you are enrolled at the Faculty of Science, you will appear to be looging into the database resources from the outside). The access to Web of Science could be from a page like this (see third entry).

2) There are directions for signing up to SciFinder at the bottom of the same web page. Please make yourself a Scifinder account.

3) Make sure that you have a working EDUROAM wireless access on your computer so that you can access these resources during the course.

This may give rise to problems for you depending on where you come from. We will help you find solutions BEFORE the course begins - then both you and we will too busy. So do it now and get in touch if you get into trouble..

Homework, background and course material.

Gross time usage: Expect 40 hours on site and 12 hours of homework before and during the course.

Course textbook: Patenting in Biotechnology, a laboratory manual by Peter Ulvskov. It may be purchased a the bookstore at Academic Books, the bookstore at the Frederiksberg Campus of Copenhagen University, and at the Polyteknisk Bookstore at DTU.

It would not hurt if you read Chapter 1 before we meet.

For the rest I generally recommended to read the relevant book chapters after the given topic has been introduced. Plan your reading as follows:

Evening after day 2 read: Chapter 3, Chapter 5
Evening after day 3 read: Chapter 2.1 to 2.5, skim the rest. Chapter 6, Chapter 7
Evening after day 4 read: Chapter 4

Important on-line resources

The textbook has a companion website with important links and information.

Presentations by the course lecturers as well as exercise material will appear below as this page is updated on a daily basis during the week.

Exam: Bring a pen, your study number, and your notes on paper - no computers!

Evaluation: spreadsheet

Team list for group work: Some exercises are to be done in groups. Cross disciplinarity is good so the teams are preformed by grouping participants with different backgrounds. Look here and get to know your teammates.

Exercises and homework

Finding patents by sequence.

Finding patents by sequence demo

GLP-1 exercise

Suggested solution to Jesper Lau exercise 2


Peter Horn Møller Day1

Morten Heide Accelerace

Peter Horn Møller Day2

John Nielsen Drug discovery

John Nielsen SciFinder

Stephan Thorgrimsen Immunitrack

Jens Viktor Nørgaard Exceptions to patentability

Anders Bach Avilex

Anders Bach ProsecutionExercise

Finn Valentin BBIP and the Biotech Firm